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At Sunshine, we are extremely excited about our Water Soluble products. We developed a proprietary blend that puts quality ahead of everything else. Take a look at the graphic below to learn more!

Can I Mix Sunshine Water Soluble CBD With Any Drink?

Yes, our water soluble can be added to any drink, blending perfectly for maximum effect. Just pick your favorite beverage, and give it a shot!

What’s Your Recommended Serving?

Our water soluble formulation is dosed at 10mg/mL, which is the industry standard.  We find this dose to be consumer-friendly and therapeutically relevant. Of course, you can always take more for desired effect.

Why is Water Soluble More Bioavailable?

Our Water Soluble formulation places CBD in something called a 'liposome', which is pretty much just a ball of fatty molecules. The liposome protects CBD from degrading. This allows CBD to circulate in your bloodstream for longer periods of time – meaning the CBD stays in your body longer. 

What Makes Water Soluble CBD Unique?

The liposomes used in Water Soluble CBD diffuse through cell membranes, allowing CBD to enter into the cells in your body. At the cellular level, CBD serves as an 'antioxidant'. This helps the cells stay strong, preventing cellular stress or death. Meaning your cells don't have to utilize as much energy repairing themselves. 

In other words, CBD helps your body help itself. Water soluble CBD helps your cells help themselves.

How Does Water Soluble CBD Compare to Oil CBD?

CBD isolate can interact with several different things in the body.  Our water soluble formulation can as well, but is more targeted to the cells themselves.  The liposomes we construct are made of a type of fat, phosphatidylcholine, that is also present in abundance in your cell membranes.  This allows the liposome (and CBD) to diffuse, or 'absorb', across the membrane and inside the cell.


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