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Sunshine has helped a lot!

Just a little update since it's now 43 days that I have been using Sunshine's CBD. My daily regiment of a dropper in the am and one in the evening has helped me immensely thru the detox of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by my doctors for auto immune diseases.
I did have one day that I had a morning that I forgot to take it and as the day went by I could tell a difference in my body. The inflammation and neuropathy in my hands and feet and joints was shouting you are alive but not in a good way. My sleepless night are gone waking up refresh, unless Farmer is snoring loud and that's whole other story.?
I am working on correcting the side effects from all the medicines and I am praying I will close to me soon. There is no sales gimmick, just me sharing what this product has done for me in little over a month. Hope everyone has blessed week.

Teressa Pivniska

I was beginning to think I would never find relief

I have used the Agape Body Spray on my neck which I've been having problems with since I got in a car wreck and ended up with herniated discs. I also have some bone spurs, nerve root compression, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and several other problems with my neck. In the past, I've tried BioFreeze, IcyHot, Aspercreme Max, BenGay and just about any other cream, lotion, and topicals. I use the Agape Body Spray usually at night after taking a shower. I will usually get relief in 30-45 minutes, it depends on what I've done that day and how bad it hurts. I'm not sure as to the dosage of CBD because I don't measure how much of the spray I'm using. I'm glad that it works because I was beginning to think that I would never find any relief.

Geoffrey Rogers

No more back pain!

I have been taking Sunshine tinctures for almost a month now. I'm now completely off of my blood pressure medication, no more back pain, and I have been sleeping so much better at night! Thank you for introducing me to the amazing product!

Jon Wright

I LOVE Sunshine!

It has helped majorly with my stress, anxiety, and sleep. I used to wake up 2-3 times a night since I've had my baby but now I sleep the entire night a full 8-10 hours without any disruption. My anxiety level is way down I've gotten off all anti- anxiety meds that's I took at least 1-2 times per week. Thank you Sunshine.

Jess Welte

I am amazed at what one small change in my life has made for my health- mentally & physically. I am so grateful for this company & their products!

Aubrey Tinnin

This body spray is amazing!

I can't wait to share with others the benefits of this product!