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Dosage is a one of the main concern when it comes to hemp extract or isolate consumption. It’s understandable, seeing that every individual will feel the effects differently. Nonetheless, the World Health Organization released a report regarding hemp extract definitively stating there is no public health risk or abuse potential with CBD What does this mean? Sunshine believes it’s a great sign for those looking for essential oils, tinctures, or alternative remedies for health issues. 


While no two people are the same, we generally recommend 10-30 mg of Hemp Extract a day. While some people feel the effects almost immediately, we recommend trying this dosage for a couple days. Then you can add or subtract, depending on what your body tells you. Luckily, according to the World Health Organization, there is no risk for addiction or over-consumption. Your body simply uses what it needs to replenish the Endocannabinoid System in or body, and expels the rest. 


If you're concerned about taking too much, the best thing to do is start small and see how your body reacts. In some instances, you might feel the beneficial effects of hemp extract or CBD oils almost immediately. Others may need a slightly larger dose to begin feeling the effects of their oil or tincture. Nonetheless, Sunshine products are a wonderful way to experience hemp extract or isolates.


As an important note, take your physical size into consideration when determining the initial dose. Typically, the smaller the person, the less they’ll need to begin feeling the positive effects of their Sunshine product. In most cases, the larger the person’s physical size, the more they’ll need to feel the effects. Although this is general advice, start small, as mentioned above, to become familiar with how your body will react. 



Hemp and it's beneficial cannabinoids come in different forms; and each has a different way of absorbing into your body, and at different speeds. ​

Our Sunshine Vapes, you'll feel the effects faster than capsules or tinctures, because of the delivery method. By inhaling CBD, you are breaking the blood/brain barrier more rapidly. 

Sunshine capsules use a special gel cap that bypass stomach acid, and absorb directly into your intestines. This means that the capsules might taken longer to take action; however, they tend to have a higher absorption rate and last longer in your body.

Sunshine tinctures are best when used under the tongue, so the cannabinoids absorb into the blood faster. Using tinctures are great as a base layer, as the results last longer than a vape, and don't take as long to get into the system as the capsules. 

Of course, all Sunshine products have their own benefits, and it's important to find which application is right for you. A lot of it comes down to personal preference, and adjusting from there. If you have any questions, please reach out and ask away. We love talking about this stuff!


We aren't one of those companies that promises unrealistic results. The truth is, people are seeing great results, but it's important to talk to a medical professional and discuss your overall health. Ask any questions you may have. Consider existing medical health conditions. Sunshine takes our natural hemp extract seriously, and we want you to take your health seriously.

Whether you have questions, or are looking for something specific, you can find it at Sunshine.


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