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Emmitt’s Pet Hemp by Sunshine

By Matt Chandler

Emmitt’s Pet Hemp by Sunshine

(4 customer reviews)


Every dog has his day, and that day is now. With Emmitt’s Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp and CBD for pets, your bestie can now get the relief they deserve. Great for dogs, cats and any other medium-large house hold pet.

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-Made with organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp

-Contains no THC

-1oz bottle contains 250 mg of hemp

-Great for reducing your pets anxiety, stress or pain

-See our Lab Results

Dosage Guide

Human’s aren’t the only one’s who can benefit from hemp. With Emmitt’s Pet Hemp Tincture, you can give your dog or cat the relief they’re looking for.

Since dogs and cats very in size, we always recommend using .5mL for every 10 pounds of weight. Start there, and then feel free to add more if needed.

The World Health Organization has ruled that CBD and other cannabinoids posses no risk of addiction, over-consumption or pose a threat to society, so you can add more without risk of harming your four-legged friend.

*Always consult a medical professional if you have concerns.


The real number to pay attention to when buying your Broad-Spectrum Hemp products, is the amount of Hemp and CBD per serving. Below is a breakdown based on each bottle strength Sunshine sells.

Broad-Spectrum Hemp

Broad-Spectrum Hemp is our proprietary extracting method that allows us to keep all the beneficial cannabinoids naturally found in hemp – including CBD, while removing THC. 

We firmly believe that Broad-Spectrum hemp gives you the best of both worlds; the benefits of multiple cannabinoids without any of the risks of THC. 

If you want to learn more about Broad Spectrum, click here.

4 reviews for Emmitt’s Pet Hemp by Sunshine

  1. Jamie C.

    Geat product, works well with calming and digestion

  2. Lauren Carel

    This product has literally given my dog of 10 years her life back! She acts like a 2 year old pup now! As of 2 months ago my Maltese Jazmin was losing her hair on her body. All of it. She was miserable and wouldn’t play. Jazmin had been this way for the last 6 months and was getting worse. The vet blamed it on her age, but I knew something else was wrong. We hadn’t changed her food or environment. While I wasn’t sure what to do, I knew CBD had been a miracle for me. I’m recovering from a STBI (brain injury). CBD has saved my life and helped me be able to live with the severe head pain I deal with daily. I decided to try this product on Jazmin. Within 2 months she has become a different dog. She wakes up wanting to play, her hair all over her body started growing back in and she has the best attitude. It’s as if I found the “Fountain of Youth” for her!! I definitely got emotional when she started acting like a normal dog again, I really thought she didn’t have much time left here. Boy was I wrong!!! This CBD for pets gave Jazmin her life back. She no longer wakes up with aches and pains like she had for years. I’m the happiest dog mommy EVER!! Thank you for giving me back my energetic, super happy and bouncy dog back! 🤗💟😘😘

  3. Nikki

    I LOVE using this for my Jack Russell Terrier! She is naturally hyper about everything, but when it comes to stressful situations (going to the vet, leaving her for long hours, etc), she is beside herself. This was an answer to prayer, because it not only helps her to cope, it helps her to relax.

    Furthermore, I sometimes have to travel long hours and when she goes with me, it would seem impossible for such an active puppy at 10 months old, right? But this has helped her tremendously to remain calm and at peace while traveling even as long as on 10 hour trips!

  4. Barbara

    My dog is 14 years old. He has some doggie dementia, arthritis, pain. He loves the taste of this stuff, just eats it right up when sprinkled on his food! Has helped with easing pain and sleep. Has not been getting up in the middle of the night with the random barking. Which benefits us all! The taste must be good because this is a dog that can smell medicine in a pill pocket from the other room!

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