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I have been suffering with chronic pain, neuropathy, insomnia and anxiety for the last several years. When I heard about hemp extract, I tried a few different brands, but couldn’t always afford to keep purchasing and didn’t really feel a huge improvement. I did feel it was helpful, but maybe not to the expectations I initially had.

Fast forward to now…I tried the samples and have been using them daily and I have felt huge improvement!

I was shocked that after two days, my foot tingling and numbness decreased, my anxiety decreased and I fell asleep easier.

Now, it didn’t cure my issues, but a decrease in these issues is really all I hoped for. I wanted to have some sort of quality of life back.

With research, I realized that with consistent use, I can expect even more positive results and I am over the moon knowing that this is helping.

After another week of use, my tingling in my foot is gone, I am sleeping better than before and my anxiety has reduced. I didn’t expect these results to be honest and I was pleasantly surprised.

I don’t like to promote products I don’t use and believe in to be safe and effective and this definitely is!

I wanted to update my story with Hempconnex. As I mentioned before, I suffer with chronic pain in the form of joint and muscle pain, migraines and severe foot pain from Plantar Fasciitis. I had tried the Agape Body Spray by the way of samples. I can say for 100% positivity that this oil has proven itself. My pain has decreased by more than half and when I don’t use it, I feel the difference. It’s unbelievable how effective it is and while the price may put you off just a bit at first, it is exceptionally more affordable than other companies products; haven’t found any other topical so far that work as well or are as affordable for the amount you receive. The scent is delicious, it’s quick absorbing and really moisturizing.

I had extremely rough, dry heels and I put this on twice a day for only a few days and they were touchable and noticeably smoother.
My muscle and shoulder tension decreases quickly after applying and my legs and feet not only feel softer, but it’s much easier to move in daily activity. I think it evens helps with bruising, at least it did for me.

What is Hemp Extract and Why You Should Consider Taking it

Top 5 Reasons Our Customers Use Hemp Extract

  • Reduce overall inflammation the root of most diseases.
  • As a Natural Plant based pain reliever for headaches, sore muscles, joints, tissue, and other chronic pain
  • Calm their nerves down, help with anxiety, stress, and other nervous system disorders.
  • Help with regulating blood sugar levels and to boost their immune systems.
  • To promote healthier cell function and to fight severe diseases like cancer.
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