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Lucius C. Tirey

My name is Lucius C. Tirey IV and I am a modern day physical culturists who loves exploring the world of strength, health, longevity, and of course happiness. I founded GreenStrength, a community with the mission to build strength, enhance performance, uplift-consciousness, and tune-in, both mind and body. We believe in eating real food, practicing primal strength training, and playing with mindful movement. GreenStrength is about going back to the basics so you can move forward – in strength, movement, freedom, and life. Throughout my journey I have learned the importance of surrounding oneself with positive people. A strong "tribe" creates the foundation to really pursue a healthier, happier life. The sole reason I am apart of Hempconnex isn't just the quality product, rather its because of the leaders who created it Matt & Courtney. They have chosen to live their lives with happiness, health, and meaning. Creating not just a company, not just a brand, but a family. I am beyond excited to be able to bring my expertise to the Hempconnex team and help our tribe out however I can. 

Personally I have used Hempconnex with great success battling depression, anxiety, and inflammation issues from pushing my body physically hard. Many of my GreenStrength students have been using it with similar as well as different conditions. I have yet to find anyone who hasn't benefited in someway positively with using it. I commonly see people get better sleep, reduce pain, anxiety relief, and have had some get off of psych and pain meds effectively. These are all wins when the end goal is improved health and happiness. 

I urge you to give CBD a try and see firsthand how it can increase change for the good in your life. Our tribe is here to help assist and support you along the way. If there is anything I can personally do to help you please reach out as I am here for you!

What is CBD and Why You Should Consider Taking it

Top 5 Reasons Our Customers Use CBD

  • Reduce overall inflammation the root of most diseases.
  • As a Natural Plant based pain reliever for headaches, sore muscles, joints, tissue, and other chronic pain
  • Calm their nerves down, help with anxiety, stress, and other nervous system disorders.
  • Help with regulating blood sugar levels and to boost their immune systems.
  • To promote healthier cell function and to fight severe diseases like cancer.

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