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Insomnia + CBD

By Matt Chandler | Uncategorized

Aug 16



Sunshine was established to help people find their happy place; in whatever way we can. But it’s hard to find your happy place if you’re always tired.

And according to the Center for Disease Control, there are a lot of tired people out there. That’s because over 34% of American’s don’t get enough sleep. 34 PERCENT!!! That’s insane. Insane but totally understandable.

"Over 34% of American's don't get enough sleep"

-Center for Disease Control

And while not getting a full night sleep feels very specific to you, it surprisingly makes a huge impact on our country. According to the CDC, it costs us over $411 billion a year. That’s a lot of B’s!

Of course, none of this should really come as a surprise. Not getting enough sleep is part of the game we play, between work, family, school and life, there doesn’t always feel like there’s enough time.

Of course there is time. But it’s not necessarily about having enough time. It’s about using that time wisely. If you’re trying to sleep, but can’t. That’s a problem.

So how do we fix the problem? Well, I’m glad I asked.


One way of helping you get more sleep is with prescription drugs. According to a 2013 study, over 9 million people rely on some sort of prescription. And that was in 2013. With the current pace of pharmaceutical sales, it’s safe to say even more are turning to Big Pharma to help them sleep.

Of course, not everyone wants to rely on prescriptions. For a wide variety of reasons. So let’s look at other ways to try and sleep better.


No surprise that Diet plays a big part in being healthy (and happy). It can also lead to getting a better night’s sleep. With obesity rates where they are in our country eating healthy(er) is not easy, but probably the first step in trying to improve a good night’s sleep.


If diet is on the list, then you have to expect exercise to be too. Naturally. And recent studies have linked living a more mindful life to a better night sleep. You don’t have to turn into a Iron Man (or Woman) overnight. Start small. Just remember – in order to start small, you first have to start.  


As more and more people hear about the positive effects of full-spectrum Hemp Extract including CBD (cannabinoids), it’s no longer a secret. Between first hand experiences, and stories about the benefits of using CBD as an aid to help with insomnia, people are turning to this natural, non-addictive alternative en masse.

And according to a study done by Brightfield Group and HelloMD, there is a strong link between Hemp CBD products, and getting a better night sleep. In fact, according to their findings “insomnia and sleep problems” is the second most common condition people treat with hemp-based CBD.

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