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Ask Ethan Anything: CBD for a horse?

By Shan Henrard | Popular CBD Questions

Sep 19

Our monthly installment of Ask Ethan Anything brings us some pretty interesting questions.

Q: Can the Agape or any tinctures be used for ear aches? Such as putting drops in your ear?

ETHAN: I would steer clear of putting any product containing a dense carrier agent, such as shea butter, in my ear. There are also conflicting reports on the use of essential oils to treat ear infections—some tout the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of essential oils, while others allude to the potential harmful effects of concentrated plant extract in the ear canal itself.

Dependent on the cause of the ear ache (infection, headache, etc.), breaking open a chill pill (contains no essential oils) and dropping it into the ear could be an effective treatment.

Q: Will pet product help with pet allergies? I have a dog that is itching a lot after being in the grass.

ETHAN: CBD can bind to several molecules in your immune system, including some responsible for an allergic response. Specifically, the CB2 receptor seems to down-regulate IgE, dampening the allergic/immune response. There’s also the classical CBD mechanism of binding to TRPV receptors in the peripheral nervous system, which would dampen an itch response, as well as it’s well known anti-inflammatory mechanisms via binding to cytokines and stabilizing mast cells, which release the cytokines that cause inflammation in the first place. This would indicate that CBD has therapeutic potential for allergies in any animal with an endocannabinoid system.

Q: Could CBD help my 1,100-pound horse? If you take 10 ml per pound, that is a lot of bottles!

ETHAN: For cases such as this, please contact us regarding customizable formulations. It would be difficult and inefficient to use our pet-friendly tincture for an animal over 1,000 pounds.

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