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Affiliate Testimonial: Wendy and her Alpaca Zeke

By Shan Henrard | Success

Oct 02

Pictured: Zeke the alpaca with Wendy’s granddaughter.

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“I just wanted to share a personal story about CBD oil use. I have a male alpaca that was diagnosed with a malaligned spine in his neck. We went to two vets, showed the xrays to two more vets and they all agreed that nothing could be done except keep him comfortable, they did say that he wasn’t in pain. They prescribed anti-inflammatory meds he was on them for two weeks and was just getting worse, he was unable to get up without help.

We had decided that we might have to have him put down. We even called the vet to make arrangements, but I decided to try my Sunshine CBD oil. He has been on the CBD oil now for five days and we have had to help him up only twice (for reference the day before he started the CBD we had to help him up four times). He weighs 133 pounds and I give him 1ml/1 dropper of the 1000mg once a day. I know it won’t heal him, but it has certainly helped his quality of life. Thank you Sunshine! I am not a doctor or a vet just a very happy alpaca owner!”

— Wendy Stubbs, Sunshine affiliate.

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