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Affiliate Testimonial: Trish and living the Sunshine Lifestyle

By Shan Henrard | Business

Nov 13

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Why did you choose Sunshine to sign up as an affiliate?

I met Kaci Wright at Blanchard May Days and tried Agape on my hand. It worked so much better for the arthritis pain than the topical I was using from a retailer that overnight I decided to switch. Using the tincture and Agape literally gave me back the use of my hand. My arthritis had gotten so bad, I could not turn a doorknob with my right hand.

What benefits have you personally noticed using Sunshine products?

I can use my hands! I sleep MUCH better. I no longer suffer from migraines several times a week. My restless legs have gone from nightly to almost minimal. My patience level has GREATLY increased and my anxiety level is much lower. AND…. DRUM ROLL….. by adding the vape I am now 100% OFF my Albuterol inhaler!!!

What’s your favorite product and why?

Oh…please don’t make me choose a favorite, I love them all!

But, I guess if I have to choose I will say the tincture. Because since it works from the inside of the body and there is no dosage limit I can listen to my body and increase or decrease the dosage as needed. And, it is the foundation for the other products I personally use. Because I have to be drug tested at work, I use the broad spectrum.

What’s your advice for other affiliates?

Know your facts. And, if you don’t know the answers look them up and use your network on the Affiliate Facebook page. It’s okay to say ‘I don’t know, but I can find out.’ If you say you will find out. Do it. And get back with the person as soon as you find out. Facts are always the correct answer. Never make up an answer just to sound like you know everything about the product. None of us do. We all need help.

What’s your favorite way to promote Sunshine products and earn extra income?

Word of mouth and Facebook is what I’ve done so far. But, I am having my first show October 13. Wish me luck!

How do you live the Sunshine lifestyle?

The world is full of negativity. I like to look for the light spots. I always have Sunshine with me and if someone complains of an ache or pain I will pull it out instead of offering a Tylenol and offer to let them try it. Agape worked last week for one of our teachers on three very itchy mosquito bites.

In the last month, what experience made you the happiest?

My two grandbabies Archer and Abigail make me the happiest. My Abigail is who my picture is with. She had just come through emergency surgery two days before this picture. That’s why I chose the picture. I was so thankful she was healthy again.

But as far as related to Sunshine, the happiest was an email I got from Tonya last week with a mile-long review of the three products her husband had tried. The products were Broad Spectrum Tincture, Agape and Vape. The results were phenomenal including relieving his hand that had been locked up from arthritis, his blood pressure coming down to the normal range without any medication, and even treating an outbreak of fever blisters with Agape. She emphasized a big bonus in that he felt young again and was outside being active, even kayaking.

-Trish Carothers, Sunshine Affiliate


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