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Lisa Woody

My Story:

My own experiences using the broad spectrum sublingualy, daily, for the last four months have cemented in my head that this product really is what it claims to be.

What have I experienced? Within the first 3 weeks, while using the sample, I cut my nightly dose of my anti-depressant and anxiety medication and didn't even realize it. I had started taking ADD meds 2 months earlier and since ADD can cause/look like anxiety, my MD recommended after a month on the ADD meds I try to reduce the anti-depressant and anxiety medication. I started with one night time pill, then both night time pills. I felt it within a few days, I started taking the night dose again. Now, 4 months in, using the 500mg, I have been able to stop taking the anti-depressant and anxiety medication completely.

My insomnia was greatly improved, decreasing the time it takes me to fall asleep from 1-2, sometimes more, hours to 10-20 minutes. My overall sense of well being is greatly improved. I am thrilled, for my own health as well as the improvements my clients that have started using it on a regular basis are experiencing, and excited, to share the wonders of this plant and the quality of Sunshine.


-End decades long use of anti-depressant and anxiety medications

-Treat insomnia; decreasing time it takes to fall asleep from 1-2 hours to 10-20 minutes (and decreasing incidences of waking during the night).

-Decrease pain and duration of: migraines, menstrual cramps and muscle soreness after workouts. 

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Funk Spagyric

What the funk is a Spagyric? It’s one of the coolest and most unique techniques for extraction. Using an old alchemy technique that dates back hundreds of years, the plant is burned to a fine ash after the oil gets extracted. The ash contains natural mineral salts that are added back with the oil to give you a full hemp experience that other products can’t offer. Available in Lemon and Spearmint!


 CBD For Pets

Every dog has his day, and that day is now. With Emmitt’s Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp and CBD for pets, your bestie can now get the relief they deserve. Great for dogs, cats and any other medium-large house hold pet.
Made with organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp.
Contains no THC.
1oz bottle contains 250 mg of hemp. Great for reducing your pets anxiety, stress or pain.


Broad Spectrum  

Sunshine Broad Spectrum Tinctures use only the finest ingredients, coming straight from Mother Nature. Made with organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp, Contains no THC. Great for managing pain, stress, anxiety and sleep. 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 in every 1 mL serving. We firmly believe that Broad-Spectrum hemp gives you the best of both worlds; the benefits of multiple cannabinoids without any of the risks of THC. Available in Mint, Cinnamon and Citrus!


Sunshine CBD Vape Pen

Sunshine Vape

Sunshine Blueberry Vape is our all-natural hemp-derived vaporizer cartridge. Our Vapes are free of harmful PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin), and our blend contains just 3 simple ingredients: All Natural Industrial Hemp Extract. Rich-MCT Oil, Flavorful Terpenes. Sunshine Vape cartridges are designed to work with any universal 510 battery thread. Use your own or purchase one of ours. 

Vape $50-$70 Battery $35


Premium Hemp Oil Crafted

To Support a Healthy Lifestyle

Real People. Real Stories

No more back pain!

I have been taking Sunshine tinctures for almost a month now. I'm now completely off of my blood pressure medication, no more back pain, and I have been sleeping so much better at night! Thank you for introducing me to the amazing product!

Jon Wright

I LOVE Sunshine!

It has helped majorly with my stress, anxiety, and sleep. I used to wake up 2-3 times a night since I've had my baby but now I sleep the entire night a full 8-10 hours without any disruption. My anxiety level is way down I've gotten off all anti- anxiety meds that's I took at least 1-2 times per week. Thank you Sunshine.

Jess Welte

I am amazed at what one small change in my life has made for my health- mentally & physically. I am so grateful for this company & their products!

Aubrey Tinnin