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Real People. Real Stories

"I LOVE Sunshine! I've been able to get off all my anti-anxiety meds. Thank you Sunshine!"
-Jess W.-

No more back pain!

I have been taking Sunshine tinctures for almost a month now. I'm now completely off of my blood pressure medication, no more back pain, and I have been sleeping so much better at night! Thank you for introducing me to the amazing product!

Jon Wright

I LOVE Sunshine!

It has helped majorly with my stress, anxiety, and sleep. I used to wake up 2-3 times a night since I've had my baby but now I sleep the entire night a full 8-10 hours without any disruption. My anxiety level is way down I've gotten off all anti- anxiety meds that's I took at least 1-2 times per week. Thank you Sunshine.

Jess Welte

I am amazed at what one small change in my life has made for my health- mentally & physically. I am so grateful for this company & their products!

Aubrey Tinnin

Stress Relief In The 21st Century!

These little capsules have changed my life as an alternative to traditional prescription medications to help relieve stress, anxiety and sleep problems. Life is stressful and I was looking for something completely different and was surprised to find this product as an alternative, which really works! I am totally into finding functional medicine alternates to cope in today's modern world from a holistic perspective. Functional medicine: ...... treatments that focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, usually involving systems of holistic or alternative medicine.


Great For Traveling With Our Dog

This product is great at reducing your dog’s anxiety when traveling in the car or going to the dog park! Highly recommend.

Dona B

Fantastic Product!

I have two bottles of these massage oils. One of the energize and one of the cool. I started using one at night, as I have torn labrum in my right shoulder that bothers me when trying to sleep. It’s amazing! I fall asleep so much faster now and I can completely tell the difference if I forget to apply it at night. The energize I use every morning after I shower. Smells great and soaks in quickly. Not oily. Will repeat for sure.

Brandon D.

Unbelievable and Amazing Aroma!

This is my favorite product from this company, I ordered two bottles to keep me going. I just love, love, love the smell and I can't get enough. I'm a student nurse studying statistics and it totally makes me feel Zen, calm and able to be more focused. I love that it absorbs into my skin without leaving it greasy. Please try it.... Love it

Pam C

No More Knee Pain

Since using Soothing Massage Oil, my knee pain has disappeared, I am sold on this product. Thank you Sunshine

Dona B

Happy Knees!

Now have comfortable sleep due to massage oil used for knees. A great relief!


Best product I've found

Sunshine Massage Oils are simply amazing! I started using it as a moisturizer, and love love loved it. Then I hurt my back and started applying it to help with the pain, and with in minutes, the pain went away. Thank you Sunshine for such a great product!

Charlie G

This Product Is Amazing!

Love love the scent of this citrus body spray x. Highly Recommend using this company, Delivery is quick, I got my little box of sunshine the very next day!!

Pam C

Box of Sunshine!

I compared this product taste and flavor with those available elsewhere and I prefer this brand over the other choices available on the market. I want to support local companies and I found this amazing company who produce high quality products and ingredients. I think they respond quickly with orders, emails and questions about any product they supply. I love their story.

Pam C

My Prayers Have Been Answered!

Sunshine Broad-Spectrum Hemp tinctures have helped me erase my leg pain, and I'm now off prescription pain meds. This market is such a great place with great products. Thank you for helping me find the perfect product.


I sleep so much better!

I sleep a lot better at night now and my back pain isn't so bad. My husband has noticed his headaches are not as bad.

Melissa Parsons

Great products. Great price.

Highest of quality in CBD products that I have come across.

Desiree Strickland

No More Pain!

I applied a sample of Sunshine's moisturizing oil on my flu shot site last night (after complaining of an aching arm). Within 2 hours the pain went completely away!

Amanda Jackson Pivnska

I'm a believer!

I was starting to feel sick before I got this week before last, my cold has totally gone away and I'm starting to have more energy throughout the day and sleep better at night! I'm a believer and getting some for my Mom, I swear it works!

Katy Day

Sunshine works the best

I've tried other brands of CBD and I have to say that Sunshine works the best. I take it for my PTSD, anxiety and bipolar disorder and this one works faster than any other that I've tried. I highly recommend Sunshine to anyone who is interested in CBD. I take it sublingual so it works faster. Thanks for such a wonderful product.

Geoffrey Rogers

This product is truly amazing!

I’m so glad that the Sunshine team reached out to me on Instagram. With just a little squirt under your tongue, what ever ailments you are suffer from, this product will help. I’m trying to live with anxiety and Sunshine helps relieve that. It’s awesome what cbd can do for you. I highly highly recommend to any and everyone to try this! It’s amazing

Chris Douglas

This body spray is amazing!

I can't wait to share with others the benefits of this product!


I was beginning to think I would never find relief

I have used the Agape Body Spray on my neck which I've been having problems with since I got in a car wreck and ended up with herniated discs. I also have some bone spurs, nerve root compression, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and several other problems with my neck. In the past, I've tried BioFreeze, IcyHot, Aspercreme Max, BenGay and just about any other cream, lotion, and topicals. I use the Agape Body Spray usually at night after taking a shower. I will usually get relief in 30-45 minutes, it depends on what I've done that day and how bad it hurts. I'm not sure as to the dosage of CBD because I don't measure how much of the spray I'm using. I'm glad that it works because I was beginning to think that I would never find any relief.

Geoffrey Rogers

I was SO skeptical you wouldn't believe...

My daughter's friend said she researched many companies and found that Sunshine was the best oil and most knowledgable. I went online and ordered the mint CBD oil - 1000mg and they were a jewel to work with. I have been able to stop taking 2 of my prescribed meds already, I have bad arthritis, I sleep better, This is the best product ever made, I will always use Sunshine for all my orders

Roberta Goodlin

I started using Sunshine 1000 mg for my anxiety and sleep issues. Of course I was skeptical at first, but within a week I knew this was working! I was able to go to the grocery store without mentally prepping for hours and Ive been sleeping better than ever. Im so thankful to have found this product! Lifetime customer! Thank you for giving me my quality of life back!

Krysta Leverett

I have been using this for a couple of weeks and can feel a huge difference! I am sleeping better and not near as sore when I wake up in the mornings!! So happy to have this as an option!!!

Kacie Wright

Thank you for following your hearts

Sunshine is the purest CBD oil i have found with the BEST PRICE anywhere in the US! Thank you for following your hearts to lead people into a healthier mind and body! Xoxo

Lindsey Lynette Hopper

Sunshine has helped a lot!

Just a little update since it's now 43 days that I have been using Sunshine's CBD. My daily regiment of a dropper in the am and one in the evening has helped me immensely thru the detox of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by my doctors for auto immune diseases.
I did have one day that I had a morning that I forgot to take it and as the day went by I could tell a difference in my body. The inflammation and neuropathy in my hands and feet and joints was shouting you are alive but not in a good way. My sleepless night are gone waking up refresh, unless Farmer is snoring loud and that's whole other story.?
I am working on correcting the side effects from all the medicines and I am praying I will close to me soon. There is no sales gimmick, just me sharing what this product has done for me in little over a month. Hope everyone has blessed week.

Teressa Pivniska

My wife and I both use it!

My wife and I both of us use Sunshine 1000mg, which helps alleviate the pain of arthritis. My wife also has bad knees and rides a HD Street Glide that can be rough on the knees. CBD has made a positive impact in arthritic pain control for both of us. I had broken my hip two years ago and the restoration was successful, however, I still have pain where the rod goes into the ball socket when sitting or lying on the hip. I can attest that when using CBD orally or by vape, the pain becomes a non-issue, and rheumatoid arthritis pain is much more tolerable.

For my wife, CBD helps because she also has osteo arthritis and CBD helps her control the pain. We can use less or no over the counter pain meds, and it helps us to avoid using prescribed opioid drugs that also have some wicked side effects, constipation being the most troubling side effect. With CBD both of us have found an alternative that has no side effects and works often over 12 hours per dose. We also have found that CBD use also helps at bedtime by allowing your mind to shut off allowing for improved sleep. Also, both of us have found that our moods are more level which helps by bringing harmony and stability to mood swings. Her episodes of hot flashes are not as dramatic when using CBD, and that is a real blessing.

Don Pagala

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